FAQ’S and Resources

fanQ: What should I wear to my first class?

A: Clothing should be loose and comfortable. Skirts and pants should be loose enough to allow movement. Shoes should have at least a 1.5″ heel.

Q: Do I need to get flamenco shoes?

A: Not at first. Character shoes work well, are cheaper and can be found in most dance stores. Heels should be 1.5″ high, minimum. 2″to 3″ heels typically work better.

Q: Can I drop in on classes?

A: No. steps and techniques are taught sequentially in each class. A drop-in student will miss too much material. However, if a student would like to watch a class to see if he or she is interested in joining the class, arrangements can be made by contacting Maria Morca

Resources for Dancers

For students wanting to shop for shoes and dancewear locally, try Petticoat Junction Dance Store in Lynnwood. www.petticoatjct.com

For high-quality flamenco shoes, skirts, shawls, fans and castanets online, try Flamenco West:www.flamencowest.com

For practice skirts, tights and character shoes, try Discount Dance Supply at www.discountdance.com

For a wide selection of fans, music, flamenco dresses and skirts, shoes and accessories, try Flamenco Export www.flamencoexport.com

For a good overview of Flamenco and its history, read this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flamenco